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Welcome to Final Boss Fight!

Final Boss Fight is an independent gaming website that has expanded its content to include Dungeons and Dragons and other Tabletop RPGs. Our goal is to create amazing, epic stories and share them with as many people as possible. We believe that Tabletop RPGs offer a unique opportunity to bring real emotions into a gaming experience, and we are dedicated to capturing those moments in our streams. Whether we’re playing board games, role-playing, or video games, our focus is always on having fun and telling unforgettable stories.

Our commitment to playing roleplaying games is founded on the principles of integrity, kindness, and respect. We believe in expressing our opinions with honesty and grace, while acknowledging the value of diverse perspectives. Our team, though subject to change, is steadfast in our unwavering passion for these games and our unwavering dedication to fostering an inclusive and welcoming community.

With our hearts set on the horizon, we remain committed to upholding these values and striving to be a source of inspiration and enjoyment for generations of roleplaying enthusiasts to come.


thumbtack SirDrewbles
Hi, my name is SirDrewbles, or just Drew. Big fan of all things nerdy such as board games, video…
thumbtack QueenCreeps
Creepypasta narrator, singer (barely), writer, all sorts
thumbtack Rekia Gaming
Rekia Gaming
Good Day To All. Thank you for stopping by my page and taking the time to read. Allow me…
thumbtack The Angel Games Player
The Angel Games Player
A crazy American sounding British girl who plays video games and has really shitty recording equipment cause she’s poor.  
thumbtack Maritime Maddie
Maritime Maddie
A Cute Canadian Viewer we tricked into playing Dungeons and Dragons in the middle of her afternoon. She also…
thumbtack Smitty
Hi I’m Smitty. I’ve been playing games so long you might say it’s an addiction. I’ve played action/shooters when…
thumbtack The Quest Giver
The Quest Giver
Awesome Voice Over Artist with a smooth voice.
thumbtack Pendragon Nomad
Pendragon Nomad
Actual real-life Dragon huzzah!! Concept Artist and a Dragon Lover. Always Hungry and Tired.
thumbtack MW Cosplay
MW Cosplay
My Name’s Mike and I have only been playing DnD for a year, if you need a character that…
thumbtack Eraisuithon
Michael is a budding comedy writer and actor, who sometimes shows up to blow holes in our Minecraft worlds,…
thumbtack Skarr
SKARR is co-creator and animator of the YouTube channel “Geek Worlds”. Scriptwriter, film director, editor and actor, SKARR evolves…
thumbtack SteamedChu Cosplay
SteamedChu Cosplay
A cosplayer, comedian in training and cat lover. Just remember steamed is better for you’re health. 😉
thumbtack NoBadVibes
Kiri McClure is a 19-year-old University student. He plays in several different RPG campaigns but he mainly plays the…
thumbtack Bryan
Bryan is a Canadian writer, Youtuber and Twitch streamer with knowledge on some interesting topics from cryptozoology to the…
thumbtack Rhibles
Hey! I’m a Rhibles! I’m a lover of rats, pansexual rainbow mess. I mostly stream Point&Click adventure games and…
thumbtack ObsoleteGoat
Alex, a freelance illustrator based in Greater Manchester, has been a lover of D&D for as long as he…
thumbtack Rogue Trader Enthusiast
Rogue Trader Enthusiast
Rogue is a software developer based in the north-east who’s played TTRPGs as much as possible for two decades….
thumbtack Tash
Tash is a budding artist/creative scientist who loves to kick ass and play table top roleplaying games.
thumbtack Richard
Writer, occasional podcaster & aspiring time-traveller who recently became obsessed with TTRPGs
thumbtack Frannie Annie’s Crochet
Frannie Annie’s Crochet
Crafter, crocheter, yarn witch, many names just one purpose. With a hook in hand magical creatures, monsters and…
thumbtack One Winged Angel
One Winged Angel
TTRPG player and fairly new DM. Tend to play Chaotic characters in games. When not playing or prepping I…
thumbtack Stanzascale
Greetings! I stand flying the colours of nonbinary (xe/xem/they/any), asexual and autistic. I am here in between bouts with my…
thumbtack Sara J
Sara J
TTRPG and board game player, usually found with yarn in hand, a book just in case and covered in…
thumbtack Clappy Von Trappe
Clappy Von Trappe
Hey everyone! I’m ClappyVonTrappe – Captain of the Clap Crew and cat daddy to one grumpy kitty (Zelda). Variety…
thumbtack CostumierEloise
Professional costume maker, period dress enthusiast/amateur historian. Sworn enemy of the princess seam. Reaper of Kneecaps
thumbtack Kieren
Hello, I’m Kieren (he/they) and I’ve been playing tabletop games for 7 years. I like playing characters who are…
thumbtack Patrick
Hi there, I’m Patrick (he/him) and I’m a TTRPG enthusiast, voracious fiction reader, and all around boilerplate nerd. Learning…
thumbtack Milady_Lor
Milady_Lor is a Cosplayer, Singer and Artist. She’s obsessed with fantasy aesthetics, dystopian sci fi, and trinkets and treasures.