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OK so about me, well what hasn’t been said about me before. Handsome, Funny, Adorable, A Star in the Making, yeah they are definitely a few things that haven’t been said about me before. OK, fine, I’m being told to be serious now. My name is Ben, we are friends now so you can call me that if you want to. I write, I act, I sing, I build, I play games and one day I might even finish a project that I start. But if you think of something you think I should do, I can’t help but take on a challenge. But mainly I am known for my voice.

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How I Got Here.

Well, my story is quite simple really. You see I went to MCM London, and upon the day I went to see a few performances on the creators’ stage. Well, opportunity struck as there came an option to ask questions came up. Well, I couldn’t help myself, I raised my hand and I was passed a microphone and my destiny was forged. The voice guy was born. And we’ve been friends ever since.

What Do I Do With The Channel?

D&D; Yeah I play Dungeons and Dragons, I lend my voice and help (could be argued) to take the story forward. I enjoy it, I get to do voices and come up with interesting solutions and terrible ones. They showed me the way and they got me hooked. Comic Cons; At MCM London, you will most likely find me terrorizing the FBF stand. I strongly suggest that you come and join us and have a laugh with us. Anything Else They Invite Me To Do; I am almost always down for a laugh, so given the chance, I will absolutely play any game with Final Boss Fight. Well its been a pleasure and remember,

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Greetings Adventurer, I’m glad you found my channel. I am the Quest Giver, but here I take on the quests. So please join me as I brave multiple worlds, adventures and experiences. Adventure awaits, Are you coming?

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