DND Characters



Nuri was raised in a temple in Waterdeep, but as she grew older and started to practise clerical magics, her teachers sought to teach her more abou...

Race: Rock Gnome Class: Life Domain Cleric


Albite Feldspar

A former member of the elven military, Albite left his homeland and his people far behind, travelling to the Dessarin Valley to put his skills to u...

Race: High Elf Class: Arcane Archer Fighter, Assassin Rogue



SAGE is a mysterious hooded figure who joined with the crew on the streets of Red Larch after challenging Steel to a contest of wits and quickly be...

Race: Human Class: Warlock



While Chupacabra was searching for some missing people for a freelance contract she found Steel, a metal man who was on the same quest. They teamed...

Race: Warforged Class: Artificer


Esola Nelania

While the party was making their way back to Red Larch from a confrontation with the Cult of Howling Hatred at Feathergale Spire, they spotted expl...

Race: Fire Genasi Class: Sorcerer



Mord fell in love with the rebellious Caelynn Liadon and they got married to each other with the blessing of Mord’s tribe, who saw this as a ...

Race: Orc Class: Ranger


Ranala Ironhide-Loracaryn

Ranala travelled a lot as a Cleric of Tymora, including to the island of Evermeet. There she met briefly with Theodas Lorecaryn and his brothers. U...

Race: Gnome Class: Cleric


Adran Brightwood

Adran Brightwood grew up in the temples of Torm, first as a squire then as a paladin.  Against his oaths, he met and fell in love with a witch ...

Race: Half-Elf Class: Paladin


Azolas Kermwood

Azolas Kermwood was a farmer who lived close to the town of Red Larch.  He served for many years as a soldier in the Salmon Company, fighting wars...

Race: Human Class: Fighter Battlemaster


Niall Mac Conn

Niall hails from the frozen north where he lived for almost his entire life among his tribe.  His drive for more intellectual pursuits made him so...

Race: Goliath Class: Ancestral Barbarian


Fenxiris Shirdias

Fenxiris is a member of the Emerald Enclave and, along with her fellow druids, has spent many years keeping the woods and forests safe from those w...

Race: White Dragonborn Class: Druid of the Forest



Bax was found as a child and raised by an elderly woman he knew as “Grammy”.  One day he came home to find her brutally murdered with ...

Race: Changeling Class: Arcane Trickster Rogue


Candra Rayleigh

Candra grew up under the tutelage of an ancient mage until it was time for her to leave and find her own path.  She was given a letter containing ...

Race: Protector Aasimar Class: Divine Soul Sorceror


Selene Featherglade

Selene Featherglade was born in the peaceful island of Evermeet, where Seraphine and Simon had settled down with Theodas after resolving the Death ...

Race: Half-gnome Class: Horizon Walker Ranger


Nisha Greycastle

When Morx bought home baby Esk, it triggered parental feelings in Malzire Chernadawn and Calderax Greycastle and they sought out a baby of their ow...

Race: Tiefling Class: College of Glamours Bard


Mordecai Theodas Liadon

Mordecai was born to Caelynn Liadon and her orc husband Mord. He was raised in a loving home with both his parents and his twin sister. While visit...

Race: Half Orc Half Elf Class: Dragon Blooded Sorcerer