From what she knows so far… Moss found herself in a blizzard filled alleyway in the town of East Haven, shoeless, in an performance/gymnastic outfit, with a quiver and a few other items. In her pocket she also finds a little mouse she knows as Mo, the two being incredibly comfortable in each other’s presence, suggesting they were probably friends before what ever happened.

She scrabbled to find a place to get out of the elements and stumbled into the house of Lucilla. The kind old lady took her in, equipping her with an ill fitting coat, gloves, boots and a rucksack. She also gives Moss her late husbands bow. With Moss not even knowing her own name, the pair decide on the name Moss.

A week of running errands for Lucilla passes before Moss bumps into the party in a Tavern. She is convinced she knows Dax from somewhere, which given he looks pretty unique caused Moss to approach. Having concluded she’s learnt nothing from her time in the town and having found out how unreliable Lucilla’s information had been, Moss asks to join the adventure, hoping that new experiences might bring some more memories back to her.

Join her on her adventure to figure out who she is and where she comes from.

Basic Information

Race Eladrin
Class ??
Born ??
Played by RandomShern RandomShern