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Tales of Gaming Addiction is a Twitch Streamer focusing on playing Dungeons and Dragons and other role-playing games.

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Hi there I'm Smitty, and I like video games so much people might say I'm addicted to them. With a few friends we stream D&D on Mondays at 8pm GMT and any other games that happen to be fun at the time. Be sure to follow if you want to tune in and share this stream with your friends.

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Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage

The group continues to explore the Dungeon of the Mad Mage.

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Waterdeep: Dragon Heist

Following the chase over rooftops, through the streets and down into the sewer, the group find themselves locked up...

Waterdeep: Dragon Heist

The group has found three street urchins living in the sewer, and come under assault from a slime beast.

Waterdeep: Dragon Heist

As the Stone of Golorr descends into the sewers in the hands of some pickpocketing urchines, the group take...

Waterdeep: Dragon Heist

As the spined devils disappear into an alleyway, the group continues to give chase in an attempt to catch...