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Dungeons and Dragons

The Adventures of the Golden Tooth

The Golden Tooth formed when a simple request from a dwarven contact saw them transporting mining supplies to a new endeavour in Phandalin. Their employer was captured by goblins and after a few weeks of assisting the people of Phandalin and making a name for themselves, the group ventured out and rescued their original employer and recovered his map to the lost mines of Phandelver.

They then headed to the Wave Echo Caves and cleared them of the undead and brigands who had set up their base of operations in the abandoned mines and allowed the dwarves to start mining again. For their heroic efforts, they were awarded the rebuilt keep that had been known as Cragmaw Castle, which they renamed as the Keep of the Golden Tooth, as well as a split of the profits from the continued mining efforts.

The Golden Tooth became embroiled with some growing cult activity around the City of Hillsfar, a large trading town that has recently enacted a law banning non-humans from entering the town. They encountered Elanil Elassadi, the herald of Elventree and famous bard, who asked them to travel into ancient Elven lands and put to rest the spirit of her great grandparent who had sworn to protect the Evenstar Abbey until the invasion of an ancient human civilisation that has long since fallen.

Elanil then asked for the further help of the Golden Tooth, as Elventree was swelling with the former non-human residents of Hillsfar. She and a number of powerful individuals were hoping to replace the incumbent First Lord Torinn Normethal of Hillsfar. After a successful covert mission, the Golden Tooth retrieved information about the movements of the First Lord. The Golden Tooth then followed him and after a less than secretive infiltration of the garrison, he was staying at they covertly eliminated him and framed a powerful member of the army for the murder.

Barhum and Squeak then left the castle to look after Barhum’s cousin house in Waterdeep while Theodas looked for his long lost wife. Malzire, Caldrax and Nepharine endured a visit from Malzire’s brother Morx, which was tense. Nepharine drifted away from the group and decided that it would be in her best interest to leave her share of the castle and the mining operation to the other member’s of the Golden Tooth before disappearing into the forest.