Pyralis Brim


Pyralis Brim


Pyralis Brim grew up with her parents and siblings on the family farm until her teenage years, when an incident with some thieves attempting to steal some farming equipment cost her father his leg. Her mother was a healer, and Pyralis took an interest in learning the ways of healing and herbology. The family were then unable to continue working on the farm, and so moved to run the town’s tavern, something which Pyralis helped out with. Pyralis loved to help others and started training at the temple as a paladin to assist as many people as possible. Eventually, Pyralis ran into the wandering monk Hau on the outskirts of town and guided him to her family’s tavern where she showed him that he could rent a room and stay inside for a change. The two of them travelled together for about half a year before they met with Malzire and Calderax of the Golden Tooth.

Basic Information

Race Aasimar
Class Oath of Vengeance Paladin and Hexblade Warlock
Played by Pyralis Brim Pyralis Brim