Barhum Deepbasher


Barhum Deepbasher


Bahrum Deepbasher was born into the mountains in Mithral Hall. He never knew his father who died in the crashing of a tunnel. His mother died in childbirth leaving Bahrum an orphan at the charge of the community of the dwarf city.

Bahrum Deepbasher was a troublesome child, always ready for a fight and very keen on his honour and pride which would be hurt frequently by other children naming him a bastard or an orphan.

Bahrum Deepbasher quickly became a very strong child. At the age of ten, Bahrum saw a thief being chased by guards. The thief slew two of the guards and almost escaped but Bahrum went and put himself in the way.
He took the weapon of one of the guards, a light hammer, and started fighting the thief. While the people and guards watched, Bahrum won and slew the thief as he let himself be completely taken by his rage and anger.

Bahrum Deepbasher went into trouble because of that fight as people thought that the killing of the thief was close to murder. But he got released very quickly after only a few months of prison.
During his youth, Bahrum worked as one of the mine workers to earn a bit of money. He experienced his fair share of tunnel collapses.

At the age of 17, Bahrum teamed up with a female dwarf, named Gaya Whitesmile, and her brother, Vallion Whitesmile. They became great friends and Gaya and Bahrum slowly became intimate and romantic to each other. After a year of being together, Gaya, Vallion, Bahrum and 19 other people were trapped in a tunnel collapse. For a fortnight, the miners were trapped deep into the mines with no food and very little water.

Vallion died from starvation on the 8th day. Bahrum and two other miners made everything possible to dig their way out of the mines. On the 12th day, Bahrum, Gaya and 3 more miners managed to get out alive but greatly famished and diminished.
Gaya and Bahrum stayed together as a couple for 30 years before Bahrum decided that his mining days were done. The couple travels the country where Bahrum earns money by doing some small fights in villages, towns and cities.

10 years later, Gaya became tired of always moving on the road and decided to get back to the mountains. Bahrum wanted more adventures though and they parted way. They didn’t officially split up but they haven’t seen each other since.

Bahrum continued his road trip mostly on his own. He teamed up with a human fighter, named Jacken Dagger, for a few years. They used to perform together as they were close to each other’s strength. They became best friends

Basic Information

Race Dwarf
Class Barbarian (Battlerager)
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