Tyranny of Dragons – Cross Country | Episode 13

🐉 Join our intrepid heroes in the latest episode of Tyranny of Dragons, “Cross Country,” as they make their triumphant return to Greenest to report on the thwarted assault by the cult. With heads held high, they set off on a daring cross-country journey, determined to track down the caravan belonging to the cult.

🌄 Watch as our adventurers traverse the rugged terrain, journeying first to Elturel before racing ahead of the caravan and arriving in the bustling city of Baldur’s Gate. Along the way, they encounter a myriad of challenges and obstacles, testing their strength, wit, and resolve.

💫 Follow along as our heroes navigate the winding roads and perilous paths, uncovering clues and piecing together the cult’s nefarious plans. With each step, they draw closer to the heart of darkness, ready to confront whatever dangers lie ahead in their quest to thwart the cult’s sinister agenda.

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