Tyranny of Dragons – Rescuing Aegis | Episode 11

🐉 Dive into the heart of the Tyranny of Dragons series in this intense episode! Join our adventurers as they face a critical moment when Aegis, the beloved companion, falls into the clutches of the formidable Frulam Mondath.

🔥 Tensions escalate as the party discovers Aegis in a vulnerable state, subjected to Mondath’s sinister tinkering. In a race against time, our heroes embark on a daring mission to rescue their mechanical ally, unleashing a wave of dramatic events that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

⚔️ Witness the epic confrontation as the party clashes with Mondath’s forces, determined to reclaim Aegis and restore the balance in the ongoing struggle against the tyranny of dragons. The stakes have never been higher, and every decision could tip the scales in favor of victory or defeat.

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