Tyranny of Dragons – A Second Assault on Greenest | Episode 12

🐉 In the latest installment of Tyranny of Dragons, our brave adventurers find themselves facing a second assault on Greenest, led by none other than Osric, an orc from Mork’s past. As the battle unfolds, memories long buried resurface for Mork, threatening to unravel his resolve and plunge him into turmoil.

💥 Watch as our heroes confront their greatest challenge yet, battling against the forces of darkness while grappling with the shadows of their own pasts. With each clash of sword and spell, the tension mounts, and the stakes grow higher as they fight to protect Greenest from destruction once again.

🌟 Join us for an action-packed episode filled with thrilling encounters, unexpected twists, and heart-wrenching revelations. Will our heroes emerge victorious against the onslaught of Osric and his minions, or will the weight of Mork’s past prove too much to bear?

⚔️ Don’t miss this gripping chapter in the epic saga of Tyranny of Dragons as our adventurers confront their demons and forge ahead in the face of adversity. — Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/finalbossfightlive

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