Tyranny of Dragons – No room at the Inn | Episode 15

In this episode of Tyranny of Dragons, titled “No Room at the Inn,” our heroes find themselves working as guards for a caravan traveling through the treacherous landscape. After a long and grueling day of travel through relentless rain, they reach the town of Daggerford, hoping for a much-needed rest.

However, their plans for a comfortable night are thwarted when they discover that the only inn in town is fully booked by a wealthy group of travelers. With no other options available and the rain still pouring, our adventurers must find an alternative solution for shelter and safety.

Join us as tensions rise and our heroes navigate the challenges of finding refuge in a town with limited resources. Will they manage to secure a place to stay, or will they have to face the night exposed to the elements and potential dangers?

Tune in to “No Room at the Inn” for a compelling blend of camaraderie, resourcefulness, and unexpected twists as our heroes tackle this new obstacle in their ongoing journey. — Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/finalbossfightlive

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