Treacherous Salvage – The Light of Xaryxis – Final Boss Fight Live

Join our intrepid characters as they navigate the treacherous realms of Wildspace, facing dangers beyond their wildest imaginations.

After a narrow escape from their endangered world, our heroes find refuge aboard the majestic Moondancer, guided by the capable Captain Sartell. But their respite is short-lived when they encounter an astral elf ship known as the star moth, plunging them into an unexpected clash in the depths of space.

Hold your breath as our characters bravely face their first harrowing Wildspace encounter, demonstrating their resourcefulness and resilience. However, their journey to the Rock of Bral takes a chilling turn when they stumble upon a shocking revelation—a mind flayer ship lurking ominously amidst a field of treacherous asteroids.

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