The Shattered Obelisk – The Return of the Golden Tooth | Episode 1

Dive into the first chapter of “The Shattered Obelisk” D&D adventure series! The heroic Golden Tooth returns to the surface world after vanquishing the formidable Demon Prince Graz’zt. With summer solstice festivities on the horizon and Malzire’s 19th birthday around the corner, our intrepid adventurers decide to unwind with a well-deserved beach day.

Join us as the group soaks in the sun, sand, and surf at a picturesque beachside locale. But relaxation is never that simple for our heroes. New challenges and surprises await as they enjoy this respite from their world-saving duties.

Celebrate with the Golden Tooth as they mark another year for Malzire and create cherished memories during their return to the surface world. Kick back, relax, and watch the bonds between these remarkable characters deepen as they revel in a day of sun and sea.

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