The Shattered Obelisk – Parent Tour Continues | Episode 3

🏰 The Golden Tooth returns home after their epic battle against the Demon Prince in the treacherous Underdark! But the adventure doesn’t end there. Join us in this thrilling episode as Pyralis’ family is thrown into a whirlwind of activity when one of her brothers drops a bombshell that will reshape their lives.

💫 As secrets unravel and long-kept truths come to light, the Golden Tooth navigates the complexities of newfound revelations. Witness the emotional highs and lows as the characters grapple with the impact of the life-altering news, all against the backdrop of a family reconnecting after a perilous journey.

🌟 Will this revelation bring the family closer together, or will it create new challenges for the Golden Tooth? Find out in this emotionally charged episode filled with unexpected twists and heart-warming moments.

🎭 Immerse yourself in the rich storytelling of the Golden Tooth, where the bonds of family are tested, and characters evolve in the face of unforeseen circumstances. Don’t miss out – subscribe now and be part of the excitement as the Golden Tooth saga continues to unfold!

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