The Light of Xaryxis – Trust Issues | Episode 08

Welcome back to another thrilling episode of “Light of Xaryxis” our epic Spelljammer adventure! The crew has reclaimed the Last Breath, and victory is within reach, but danger still lurks in the cosmos.

In this gripping instalment, our intrepid spacefaring heroes face a perplexing dilemma. Grimzod holds the princess of the Xaryxian Empire captive, and she claims to be an ally against her treacherous brother. But can our crew truly trust her words, or is this an elaborate ruse?

With the fate of the galaxy hanging in the balance, our crew must grapple with the weight of their decision. Will they forge an alliance with the princess, or will the spectre of betrayal cloud their judgment?

Join us as we venture deeper into the vast unknown of the Spelljammer universe, where alliances are tested, and trust is a rare and precious commodity. Strap in for an interstellar journey filled with peril and intrigue!

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