The Light of Xaryxis – Aboard the Second Wind | Episode 05

In this riveting episode of The Light of Xaryxis, our heroes face unexpected perils as they navigate the aftermath of an ambush by Astral Elves on the Rock of Bral. Fleeing to safety aboard the living ship, the Second Wind, with Commodore Krux at their side, they find themselves in a realm of secrets and possibilities.

As the sails of destiny unfurl, Krux unveils his daring plan, setting the course for a journey to Doomspace, a realm of both danger and hope. Their path leads to a crucial rendezvous with a wizard cartographer known as Topolah. The mission is clear: obtain a map that holds the key to their future endeavours against the Xaryxian Empire.

Join us in this captivating tabletop RPG adventure as our adventurers sail into the unknown, embarking on a quest that could change the fate of the cosmos. Subscribe now and immerse yourself in The Light of Xaryxis – Aboard the Second Wind!

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