Rime of the Frostmaiden | Seeking Allies | Episode 30

In this chilling episode, our valiant heroes, undeterred by the sentient ooze left in the wake of a powerful experiment, navigate the perilous tundra. Fleeing from the haunting encounter with the Knights of the Black Sword, our party embarks on a crucial quest to locate the damaged Shield Guardians.

As they venture northeast, the mechanical guardians hold the promise of aid in their ongoing adventures. Join us on this journey fraught with icy dangers and unexpected twists, where every step leads our heroes closer to potential allies in the frozen wilderness.

Will they successfully find and rally the Shield Guardians to their cause, or will the unforgiving cold of the Frostmaiden’s realm prove an insurmountable challenge? Subscribe now to witness the unfolding saga and discover the fate that awaits our intrepid adventurers!

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