Rime of the Frostmaiden | Into the Depths | Episode 35

🌨️ Join our intrepid heroes as they venture deeper into the treacherous Fortress of the Sunblight clan in the chilling Spine of the World. The Duergar guards’ ominous warnings have piqued their curiosity, and the party is determined to unravel the impending threat against the Ten Towns.

🏔️ Stealthily navigating the dark passages and icy chambers, our brave adventurers inch closer to the heart of the fortress, ready to confront whatever malevolent force the Duergar have in store. Secrets unfold, and the stakes rise as they delve into the depths of this frozen stronghold.

❄️ Will our heroes unveil the sinister plot threatening the peace of Icewind Dale, or will the dangers lurking within the fortress prove too formidable? Prepare for a riveting episode filled with suspense, strategy, and the ever-present chill of the Frostmaiden’s realm.

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