Dungeons and Dragons – Dungeon of the Mad Mage – Episode 34

Prepare for an intriguing episode of Dungeon of the Mad Mage as our adventurers embark on separate paths to clear their minds and confront the aftermath of Wol’s mind-controlled demonic transformation. While Wol tries to find respite in sleep, Nuri, Vaacin, and Um venture into Skullport to engage in some much-needed retail therapy.

As they navigate the bustling streets, each with their own thoughts and concerns, they must also grapple with the mysteries and dangers of the Mad Mage’s dungeon lurking in the background. Secrets abound, and every decision carries weight as the group navigates through the twists and turns of their enthralling adventure.

Be part of this captivating tabletop RPG series, where personal journeys intertwine with the quest to conquer the dungeon’s challenges.

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