Bustin’ make me feel good – Ghostbuster: Spirits Unleashed – Final Boss Fight Live

John and Sean, the latest additions to the dynamic team at the New York startup known as the Ghostbusters, join just in the nick of time to tackle the sudden surge of paranormal activity that coincides with Halloween. As they step into the world of spectral investigations and otherworldly encounters, they quickly discover that the supernatural realm has no intention of taking a break during the holiday season.

With proton packs on their backs and their ecto-containment skills put to the test, John and Sean work alongside their seasoned colleagues to confront a slew of mischievous ghosts, miscreant poltergeists, and eerie apparitions that haunt the streets and buildings of the city that never sleeps. The city’s pulse quickens as the spectral disturbances become increasingly bizarre and challenging to handle.

But these two rookies are not deterred. They bring their own unique perspectives and skills to the team, adding a fresh dimension to the age-old battle against the paranormal. John’s technical prowess and Sean’s quick thinking come in handy as they strive to understand and capture the restless spirits that make New York their haunting grounds.

As the Ghostbusters band together to investigate, capture, and contain the supernatural threats that lurk around every corner, they find themselves racing against time to ensure that Halloween in the city remains a festive celebration, rather than a frightening ordeal. Will John and Sean rise to the occasion and become the next generation of paranormal experts, or will the ghosts of New York prove to be too much for them to handle? Tune in to this spooky adventure to find out! — Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/finalbossfightlive

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