Auspicious Autopsies – Quiz Night – Final Boss Fight Live

Tune in to an engaging episode of the FBF Quiz Night titled Auspicious Autopsies, where John the Quizmaster takes centre stage with a thought-provoking round. Get ready to challenge your knowledge as John delves into the intricacies of autopsies, post-mortems, and the world of coroners.

In this captivating instalment, participants test their wits against a complex round that explores the fascinating realm of forensic science. From curious cases to scientific methodologies, Auspicious Autopsies promises an intellectually stimulating experience that’s both educational and entertaining.

Don’t miss out on this unique quiz night episode as John raises the bar with his challenging questions. Whether you’re a quiz aficionado or simply curious about forensic investigations, you’re in for a treat with Auspicious Autopsies.

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