Sybil Prideblossom

Appears in: Curse of this Vampire Dude

Sybil Prideblossom

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Sybil was born at home and was an only child. She had a modest upbringing, moving into a mansion with her parents which they inherited from a distant relative. Sybil found it easy to make friends and enjoyed being around other people.

When she was young, she saw a mystical creature who called upon her to undertake a holy quest. While in training as a paladin at the temple, she met with Creed, a tiefling Monk who was seeking sanctuary in the temple. They fell in love and started dating. Eventually, the pair married and moved into the Prideblossom mansion, where they gave birth to their own daughter, Poetry, who they have been raising with the assistance of Sybil’s parents.

Notable Relationships

Name: Creed

Relationship: Husband

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