Verburary Prompts 5: Tool

Creed turned the staff end over end, faster and faster, passing it back and forth from his left hand to his right and back again. He knew exactly the weight of it, and how long it had been since he made it. The ends were slightly weighted to increase the damage when he landed an attack, the shaft allowed him extra reach to his attacks, or allowed him to attack with either end of the staff allowing him to throw off an assailant. He closed his eyes for a moment and just listened to the wind whipping past the ends of the quarterstaff.

His eyes flicked open and he took in the measure of his opponent today. His wife stood opposite him, her tools of war gleaming, a full suit of plate metal armour, a long sword and a shield emblazoned with the crest of Silvanus, the goddess of nature. She cut an imposing figure, enough to scare bandits away without even drawing the sword. She raised her weapon and brought her shield to bear and Creed charged forward, swinging the quarterstaff again and again. Sybil smiled as she parried attack after attack, blocking once with the sword and then placing the shield effortlessly between Creed’s staff and follow up kick. Sybil rounded with the sword and Creed dropped to the ground, narrowly ducking the attack. Another flurry of blows sent Sybil reeling backwards, however, none found their mark. Creed and Sybil had been sparring for years now, they knew the others fighting style almost as well as they knew their own. Fierce swings with the quarterstaff were turned aside with the shield, while deadly blows from the sword were either jumped over or ducked under at the last minute.

Creed pouted as he sunk his hands into the water, and pulled out another plate, mopping the now soaked washing with a cloth. Sybil sat behind him giggling as he complained lightly.

“It’s only fair” She chided him “You made the bet in the first place. I landed a fair attack first, therefore you agreed to do the washing up for the week.”

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