Verbruary Prompts 1: Extension

Sybil sighed as she reached to the back of the cupboard for her sewing kit. “How long did he say it would last?” She asked again. Creed was pacing backwards and forwards in their bedroom, wearing a hole in the carpet. 

“Balkas was really sorry,” he replied “Poetry just… got away from him. I think he said it should be no longer than about a week” Sybil counted out 3 skirts and threw one of them to Creed, who snatched it out of the air and took the pair of scissors he had to start cutting a hole just below the hemline at the back.

“I don’t care how sorry he is. Poetry should know better than to wander off and drink random things in that place” Sybil said, exasperatedly cutting another hole in one of the skirts that she was holding.

“Muuuum” Poetry cried as she waddled into the room, clutching her lower back. “How long is this going to take? It’s really pinching and uncomfortable!” 

“It’s going to take as long as it takes, and you can assume that this discomfort is a part of your punishment for wandering off and drinking a random potion at the Kriggabror’s.”

Sybil took a thread and hemmed the holes that she and Creed had been cutting in the skirt, and then made a tube of fabric and sewed that to the back of each of the skirts. The whole process took about half an hour to complete the first one, and with that, Sybil rushed Poetry into the bathroom and changed her old skirt for the newly amended one. When Poetry came back into the room with Sybil, her newly grown tail wagged happily behind her.

“See Dad,” She said, happily “I knew it wouldn’t be that hard to have a tail like yours.”

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