Nemmonis Kriv


Nemmonis Kriv


Nemmonis Kriv was an only child, born at home. He knew both of his parents, but they were killed in battle when he was young. As war ravaged his homeland he was raised by his aunt and uncle in an apartment in a rundown neighbourhood. Eventually, he could no longer ignore the war and he became a soldier, fighting became the only life he knew. He refined his talents by fighting the people who crossed him.

After returning from the war, Nemmonis joined the Zhentarim, and on his last mission, he was sent to retrieve the Weevil, a thug with some promise for the Black Network. He introduced himself to the party as a bounty hunter eager to collect the reward for turning in the Weevil at Mirabar.

Basic Information

Race Dragonborn
Class Death Knight
Married Summer Solstice, 1491
Played by Nemmonis Kriv Nemmonis Kriv
Appeared in
Profile Picture by Pendragon Nomad

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