Briar Gardenier


Briar Gardenier


Briar knew her parents and was born at a temple. Briar has two siblings, an older brother and a younger sister. Her parents disappeared to an unknown fate, leaving her to be raised by her aunt – Maura.

Briar’s upbringing was poor and she was brought up on the street. She had a few close friends and lived an ordinary childhood. One day, she woke up on the streets of Xantharl’s Keep, alone and hungry with no memory of her early childhood. She eventually found purpose honing her hunting skills by bringing down dangerous animals at the edge of civilisation.

Briar was killed and consumed by a monster but was later resurrected at a nearby temple with the aid of the bard, Lady Shinju, who introduced her to the crew of the airship which led her to take on this quest and allowed her to meet her new family.

Basic Information

Race Human
Class Ranger (Horizon Walker)
Appeared in
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