Born on Vill in 1632 A.S (After Suliri), Eyenverney grew to be a very handsome Ulrichien. But unlike many males of his village, he turned to the Ma...

Race: Ulrichien Class: Healer


Ser Elliot P. Finnley

Born on the Eastern shores of Suliri on 1805 A.S (After Suliri), the capital planet of the Sulirien Empire, Elliot P. Finnley studied in the Academ...

Race: Human? Class: Imperial Pilot


Temus of Suliri

Born in the capital city of Sulireï in 1797 A.S (After Suliri), on the capital planet of the Sulirien Empire, Suliri, Temus of Suliri entered the ...

Race: Human Class: Inquisitor


Ser Gunter D Parker

Gunter was born and raised on Maeko, where he spent his childhood looking after the family’s animals and trading caravans. His parents were t...

Race: Human Class: Imperial Legionnaire



Squeak hatched at home with her parents. She has an older brother. Squeak had a comfortable life growing up, living in a small village at the edge ...

Race: Kenku Class: Rogue


Barhum Deepbasher

Bahrum Deepbasher was born into the mountains in Mithral Hall. He never knew his father who died in the crashing of a tunnel. His mother died in ch...

Race: Dwarf Class: Barbarian


Malzire Chernadawn

Malzire was born in a shed to a Tiefling mother and a Human father who raised him and his older brother Morx, but their family was poor and they li...

Race: Tiefling Class: Bard


Calderax Greycastle


Race: Tiefling Class: Cleric


Nepharine Larimar

Nepharine didn’t know her birth parents, who disappeared to an unknown fate. She was raised by a guardian, Bernie Cribbles in Bywick, a human...

Race: Elf Class: Fighter (Arcane Archer)


Claire Mystralath

Claire was born in a forest. Her father was a full bloodied elf and her mother was a human. Claire has an older brother and two younger sisters. Th...

Race: Half Elf Class: Divine Soul Sorcerer



Lortar was born at home to a human father and an orc mother. He has an older brother. Lortar and his family had a modest amount of money while grow...

Race: Half Orc Class: Barbarian



Eralith had a poor start in life, raised in an institution after his mother was kidnapped in a raiding party and his father, distraught by the loss...

Race: Wood Elf Class: Ranger


Logan Redbone

Logan grew up high in the mountains, a harsh and cold place. It was filled with different clans, and every man prided himself on his warrior prowes...

Race: Goliath Class: Barbarian


Nemmonis Kriv

Nemmonis Kriv was an only child, born at home. He knew both of his parents, but they were killed in battle when he was young. As war ravaged his ho...

Race: Dragonborn Class: Death Knight


Luze Weiss

Luze was born in a barn and has a younger brother and a younger sister. Both her wealthy parents are alive and well. Luze had several friends and l...

Race: Human Class: Paladin