Azolas Kermwood


Azolas Kermwood


Azolas Kermwood was a farmer who lived close to the town of Red Larch.  He served for many years as a soldier in the Salmon Company, fighting wars and keeping the peace as directed by their Baron.  Upon returning to the farm he owned with his family he found it burned to the ground with his wife and children dead.  Upon one of the ruined walls he saw a symbol.  Vowing to have justice, he donned his armour, picked up his trident and set forth.

Azolas found others who have also been drawn to the region around the Sumber Hills, finding common cause.  He believes that by investigating the events surrounding the region, he will find the truth behind his family’s deaths.

Basic Information

Race Human
Class Fighter (Battlemaster)
Vestige Armour of the Valiant Soul
Appeared in