FBF Craft v3 – Withering Glances | Episode 25

In an adrenaline-fueled episode of FBFCraft v3, John and Angel return to the Nether on a daring mission to collect Wither Skeletons, with one goal in mind: to summon the fearsome Wither! Their quest for the ultimate reward, the coveted Nether Star, drives them deeper into the fiery depths.

Join us as John and Angel navigate the perilous Nether landscape, facing off against formidable foes and braving the dangers that lurk around every corner. With hearts pounding and determination burning bright, they gather Wither Skeletons, preparing for the ultimate showdown.

This episode promises thrills, excitement, and the thrill of facing one of Minecraft’s most formidable bosses. Will John and Angel emerge victorious and claim the Nether Star as their prize? Tune in to find out in FBFCraft v3! — Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/finalbossfightlive

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