FBF Craft v3 – Skulking Around | Episode 22

In the latest episode of FBFCraft v3, Angel and John return to their enchanting setup, now enhanced with the mystical Seashelves from Apotheosis. But their enchanting endeavours are just the beginning as they set their sights on a daring expedition into the deep, dark depths.

Join us as Angel and John plunge into the unknown, braving the eerie darkness in search of Wardens and the enigmatic Ancient Cities. With hearts pounding and torches flickering, they navigate the treacherous terrain, uncovering secrets and facing untold dangers.

This episode promises thrills, mystery, and adventure as Angel and John embark on a quest of discovery in FBFCraft v3. Stay tuned for their epic journey as they delve deeper into the unknown, unravelling the mysteries of the deep dark. Don’t miss out—subscribe now to catch every moment of their daring adventure! — Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/finalbossfightlive

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