Dungeons and Dragons Character Playlist – Barhum Deepbasher

GM Notes: A few weeks ago I thought it would be interesting to see what music people thought fitted their characters in my DND games. In this edition, Barhum Deepbasher sends us his musical musings while he and Squeak take care of Theodas’ house.

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A Proud Dwarf

Proud of his dwarven heritage, Barhum Deepbasher marvels at the power of his kin and beauty of their craftsmanship. When asked about his origins, he will proudly boast about his long line of dwarven ancestry. Some would say Barhum is a stereotypical dwarf but no dwarf is more respectful of dwarven traditions than Barhum himself. These origins define him more than any battles he fought in.

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Wandering Brawler

Barhum Deepbasher’s life is meant for fighting and finding worthy foes. He wandered Faerun almost all his life in search of glory and fame, going from tavern to tavern, brawling with every race for a few ales and a warm bed. Barhum motto is: “Life is no worth living if there’s no fun in it” and for him, fun is a good beer, a good song and a good fight

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Battle Fever

Upon joining the crew of the Golden Tooth, Barhum never imagined the depths he would go to with them. He participated in glorious fights and battles where he could let his skills go wild and he would get heavily rewarded for it. Fighting orcs, owlbears, bugbears, ghosts and other forms of horrifying creatures filled him with great satisfaction. Swinging his greatsword, Malzire, and his light hammer, Squeak, all around him, he would jump into the fray, shouting curses and roaring but enjoying every little moment of it.

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Barhum’s Last Stand

During the battle against the Orc pack, Barhum saw his friends fall in front of him, witnessing both the death of Malzire and Squeak. Refusing however to leave anyone behind, Barhum goes for the last stand, taking out the Orcs one by one, caring little to none at all if he will survive or fall with his friends. In a blind rage, he hacked left and right until all the enemies were slain or fleeing, allowing him to retrieve his friends and have a chance at bringing them back from death.

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A Family of Friends

Barhum Deepbasher spent his whole life on his own. Orphaned at a very young age, he never managed to fit with a group for he was always considered too coarse, too loud, too rude. The crew of the Golden Tooth took him in and valued him as one of their own. He would get along exceptionally well with the shy Kenku, Squeak, and the wild Tiefling bard, Malzire Chernadawn. After nearly losing them at the start of their adventures together, he named two of his favourite weapons after them and always carried a lock of their hair with him. He respected both Nephrine Larimar and Calderax Greycastle deeply for being very much wiser than him. For the first time, he felt like he belonged to a family of friends who cared for him as much as he cared for them.

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To Evermeet

His work with the Golden Tooth done, Barhum took upon himself to help one of his only remaining relative, an elf living in Waterdeep going by the name of Theodas Loracaryn. Hearing news that his only cousin, Strongboar, lives in Evermeet with Theodas’ family, he accepted to look after his house while the elf would go away to search for his lost wife. Upon his return, they would leave Faerun to Evermeet where Barhum hopes to be reunited with his blood for the first time in his life. The long wait begins for him, watching patiently the return of the elf druid.

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