Nixit Knock


Nixit Knock


Nixit grew up on the streets stealing from those that had more than she did. She was part of a gang of criminal orphans who accepted her for what she was, another one of them. When her gang was disbanded and the leader was thrown in prison, Nixit found herself on the streets again.

One night, in stormy weather, Nixit broke into a library to take shelter, and she started reading some of the books to pass the time. She began singing the words as opposed to reading them and accidentally summoned Melody, who complimented her on her singing and joined in with her. Melody then offered a pact, which she accepted immediately, hoping to use the new found power to free her boss from imprisonment.

Basic Information

Race Kobold
Class Warlock
Played by Nixit Knock Nixit Knock
Appeared in
Profile Picture by QueenCreeps

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