Fiery Leaf (Filif)


Fiery Leaf (Filif)


Filif is a 6ft20 tall black-furred Tabaxi, with a large white-furred stain in the middle of his back. He also got a vertical line of white fur in the middle of his forehead. He’s got orange-brown eyes (kinda evoking flames) and a long slim tail. This one often betrays his thoughts and his mood. As such, Filif can have trouble when it comes to lying.

Filif is a bit eccentric. Like most Tabaxis, he’s fairly curious when it comes to new things. That’s kinda what made him into a criminal. He cannot control his fascination when it kicks in (especially if it’s a weapon) and so he ended up bothering a few nobles here and there, enough so he was sent to jail. And breaking out made things worse. But other than that, he’s not into committing crime, even though he did make some friends in jail (and learnt a thing or two with them).

Basic Information

Race Tabaxi
Class Barbarian
Profile Picture by Pendragon Nomad

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