Creed knew both his human parents, their infernal legacy had been long dormant until he came along. When Creed was young, his father abandoned him and his mother, unable to stand the demonic offspring. Creed was born in a castle as an only child and was raised in a small home before a tyrant came to rule in his homeland. When he was tired of his mundane life, he realised that he needed to make a stand against the bullying tyrant who ruled his home with an iron fist. Using what he had learnt in his training at a local monastery, he stood up to one of the tyrant’s guards… accidentally killing the man.

Creed was arrested and held in prison for four years until he was almost executed for his crime. He escaped the prison and fled his homeland, seeking sanctuary in a small temple. While he was training, he met a young paladin who was also in training. Creed wrote the paladin poems, and the pair started dating, and eventually, Creed and Sybil married and had a child called Poetry.

Basic Information

Race Tiefling
Class Monk
Played by Creed Creed
Appeared in
Profile Picture by Pendragon Nomad