Website Update, MCM and Meeple Perk

This has been a blog post that I have been putting off writing for no good reason for a few months, but here goes nothing.

Website updates

Chris and I have been working very hard to make this shiny new version of the website for a… very long time and I am happy to say that we are… mostly… almost done with it. We are currently technically in a Beta test of this shiny new look, so things might jump around a little bit but I personally love the new look to the site and I hope you agree with me.

Please check out the amazing fiction section which has really been taking off recently where the amazing Chronicles of Tamrinor has been joined by writings focused on the events of both my Dungeons and Dragons game and the Space Odyssey game that Samy has been running.

In the About Us section you can find out all about the team behind Final Boss Fight and our growing number of friends! If they are Twitch streamers you can see their future plans or catch up on past streams and be sure to tune into their currently live streams.

MCM Expo

Once again, Final Boss Fight will be attending MCM at the end of October and have table N9 in the Creator Scape area. We are situated right next to the amazing Queen Creeps, and are looking forward to a fun filled weekend seeing all of you guys! We have the following panels:

Friday – 5pm-5.45pm – Dungeons and Dragons Live Play – Sweet Dreams

Queen Creeps, Sean, Geoff and Ben join me on stage to play an special cross-over Dungeons and Dragons adventure featuring their characters from Storm King’s Thunder and Tomb of Annihilation. Can Briar, Torinn, Talon and Riardon survive the perils put in front of them in time?

Saturday – 11am-11.45am – The Final Boss Fight 3/4 of an Hour of Power

Myself, Jennifer and possibly Geoff take to the stage for the Final Boss Fight panel where we will be discussing the past, future and present of the website.

We will also be selling exclusive posters of the Tamrinor Trio, Nemmonis Kriv and the Tomb of Annihilation Team. Jennifer will be bringing her own artwork and I will be bringing items from past Loot Crates and special editions of video games to sell.

Meeple Perk – Successfully Funded

You might have heard of us discussing my brother’s Kickstarter campaign to open a board game cafe in the north east of England (specifically in Newcastle). On Friday morning, the campaign came to a close, and was successfully funded. Now I look forward to getting my hands on an exclusive Meeple Perk t-shirt, and also checking out the cafe when it opens in a couple of months!

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