Uniting the Teams – Marvel’s Midnight Suns – Final Boss Fight Live

In this intense episode of Marvel’s Midnight Suns, Nico takes the lead as the Midnight Suns perform a crucial ritual to locate the missing Scarlet Witch. However, what they uncover is beyond devastating—shocking truths are revealed, and the two teams have never been more divided.

Both Bruce Banner and the Scarlet Witch have fallen prey to the insidious corruption of Lilith, leaving the Midnight Suns with fractured loyalties and shattered trust. Amidst the chaos, The Hunter must rise to the challenge, working harder than ever to bridge the gap and bring the two disparate teams back together.

Join us in this thrilling superhero RPG series, where unity and resilience will be tested, and The Hunter’s determination will shape the fate of the Midnight Suns.

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