Tyranny of Dragons – Dark Secrets Unveiled | Episode 07

In this intense episode of Tyranny of Dragons, our valiant heroes embark on a perilous mission to investigate the shadowy depths of the cultist’s camp caves. Fuelled by rumours of ominous dealings and the presence of dragon eggs, their journey takes a treacherous turn as they encounter fierce opposition at every step.

Amidst danger and uncertainty, our heroes must rely on their wit, strength, and camaraderie to uncover the truth lurking within the caverns. With the fate of the realm hanging in the balance, they navigate through a world shrouded in mystery and peril.

Join us in this riveting tabletop RPG adventure as our heroes confront the darkness that threatens to engulf them and their world. Subscribe now and be part of the quest in Tyranny of Dragons – Dark Secrets Unveiled!

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