Marvel’s Midnight Suns – The Not-so-good Book | Episode 19

The Midnight Suns boldly take the fight to Wundagore, where Lilith harnesses the formidable powers of the Hulk and the Darkhold to summon the malevolent forces of Cthon. With the fate of the world hanging in the balance, our untested yet mystically empowered heroes must rise to the occasion and confront this ultimate threat.

As they face overwhelming odds and the looming spectre of apocalypse, the Midnight Suns stand firm in their resolve to make a difference. Drawing upon their newfound strengths and unwavering determination, they embark on a daring mission to thwart Lilith’s sinister plans and prevent the catastrophic end of days.

Join us in this epic showdown as the Midnight Suns confront the forces of darkness in a battle for the very survival of humanity. Can our heroes rise to the challenge and emerge victorious, or will they succumb to the overwhelming power of Cthon’s malevolent influence? Subscribe now to witness the thrilling conclusion of Marvel’s Midnight Suns and discover the fate of the world in the hands of our brave heroes. — Watch live at

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