Marvel’s Midnight Suns – Return of the Scarlet Witch | Episode 15

Having successfully extracted Lilith’s Darkness from the Scarlet Witch, the Hunter is resolute in safeguarding her from harm. However, the Scarlet Witch is equally determined to demonstrate her worth to the Midnight Suns and protect her comrades, despite the ominous power she once harboured.

The pivotal question remains: Can the Midnight Suns secure the elusive Parchment of Power from Johnny Blaze’s grasp? The fate of this artifact hangs in the balance, with its potential to corrupt the team and unleash catastrophic consequences.

With Tony Stark’s ground-breaking Gamma Accelerator in their arsenal, the team faces a daunting choice – will they manage to destroy the Parchment of Power before it taints their ranks and ushers in the end of days? In this gripping episode of Marvel’s Midnight Suns, the stakes are higher than ever as the team confronts inner turmoil, external threats, and a race against time. Subscribe now to witness the unfolding drama, the battle for survival, and the ultimate quest for redemption. — Watch live at

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