Loving Drawing – Council of Tamrinor – Final Boss Fight Live

In today’s relaxed stream on “The Council of Tamrinor,” our hosts John and Sean are taking it easy as they’re not feeling their best. They’ve decided to enjoy a laid-back session, and they’ve invited a special guest council member, Tannie, also known as Pendragon Nomad.

Tannie is a talented artist, and in this stream, they will be treating us to their artistic skills by drawing Novalie, the enchanting goddess of love from the Tamrinor pantheon. You can expect to witness the creative process in action as Tannie brings this deity to life on the digital canvas.

It’s an excellent opportunity to unwind and engage with our community as we appreciate the artistry and learn more about Novalie and her significance in the world of Tamrinor. Join us for a soothing and artistic journey as we explore the divine aspects of this immersive roleplaying universe. Subscribe and enjoy the chill vibes as we watch Tannie’s creative magic unfold. — Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/finalbossfightlive

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