Verbruary Prompts 7: Fast

Creed ran. Normally the wind in his hair soothed him. The burst of movement has he tapped into his inner reserves of energy brought him focus. His muscles tightened and started to burn but he pressed on. This time things were different. Normally he ran on two legs, but now he was on all fours. Thoughts flashed through his mind, almost as quickly as he was running. He pushed past those as well. At least this new form still allowed him to move faster than most people would consider… even if his magic boots no longer fit him. He had to get to her. She wasn’t safe. Sybil needed him. That was the only thought that mattered. He pushed and felt the wind flowing past his fur. His… paws… padded against the rough ground. That was an unusual feeling. He sniffed deeply and information burst into his mind from his now enhanced sense of smell. He could smell where Sybil was, and he could also smell the creatures closing in on her. She wasn’t defenceless… but Baba Lysaga has seen to it that she was reduced in capability… her magic was sealed away by a curse. Her words burned in Creed’s ears “You’re a loyal lapdog Creed… might as well make sure your form matches your function” They had both been cursed. Sybil was fighting a series of mutated goblins, with just her sword and armour for protection. Creed put on another burst of speed as he grew closer. He burst into the clearing and his powerful hind legs kicked off the ground, sending him sailing through the air as he pounced on the largest of the goblins still standing. The suddenness and ferocity of his attack caused the goblin to fall to the floor, and Creed bared his fangs at the goblin, growling a low threat. The other few goblins still standing turned nervously, now confronted by two opponents, their leader pinned to the ground by a large wolf. They quickly decided that they would flee for now and maybe live to fight again another day. Creed slowly moved from atop the goblin’s leader but kept growling a threat as the goblin slowly got up and fled. Sybil collapsed to the ground, and Creed whipped around to look at her. She was breathing heavily, clearly tired from the fight with the goblins, although the bodies that littered the clearing showed she had given as much as she had taken. She was covered in scratches and cuts from the goblins weapons, they had clearly pressed the advantage of numbers. Creed padded over to her side and pressed his head into her arm, whining. She absent-mindedly laid her hand on his head, petting him like he was a loyal pet. He didn’t mind… it would have to do for now as he couldn’t communicate with her any differently… he wasn’t sure she even knew that he was cursed.

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