T’was the night before Midwinter

T’was the night before Midwinter and all through the castle,
Not a creature was stirring… except for this rascal…
Snookums the Kobold, making cocoa with marshmallow,
When up from the rooftop arose such a bellow.
Snookums sprinted to find what was the matter
And what he found there made him chatter,

Eight reindeer and a colourful sleigh.
It’s contents scattered and blowing away.
Stood there, an elf in crimson, not lithe but rotund,
And presents for all, though the kobold was shunned.
For young Malzire, a new set of drums
For Calderax, some bandages, to patch up his chums
For Pyralis, a shiny new book on herbology
And Hau, the latest in wind-powered technology
Tucked in the corner, a colourful mystery box
Packed full of treats for Ember, the Fox.

As the little old elf picked himself up,
He caught sight of the young kobold pup.
He spoke not a word, but went straight to work,
And filled all the stockings, then turned with a jerk,
Snookums and the Elf let out a small screech,
In the magical sack, the crash caused a breach.
A female kobold, from the sledge, came a-leaping,
And silenced the pair, the Golden Tooth still were sleeping,
“This magical tear, we now need to fix it.
Oh, by the way, my name, it is Nixit.”

From Malzire’s room, Snookum’s retrieved a Gold Thread,
Along with a needle, to fix the sack in the sleigh bed.
The Jolly Old elf sadly scratched at his stubble
“This setback is going to cause us some trouble.”
Nixit looked to Snookums, “I’m already helping as much as I can
But with just the two of us, we need a better plan”
Snookums yelped with delight, “I can assist”
Into the sleigh, he dove, checking the naughty and nice list.
The elf took up the reins and the kobolds each took a sack
And off they flew, without looking back.
They flew high above the lands of Faerun
From the rooftops of Waterdeep to those of Silverymoon,
Delivering gifts to all, from barbarians to mages to bards,
And all adventurers, of all ages, as well as hard-working guards,

They stopped off at a castle suspended in the air
With many intelligent animals, and a gnome with colourful hair
Snookums looked about, but before he could enquire,
Nixit and the elf hurried him away from Castle Briar.

Then down to the jungles of Chult
Was the next place they did bolt
Where their colourful gift brought elation
To the adventurers in the Tomb of Annihilation

Then they flew through deeper dark,
But a swirling mist failed to make its mark,
The land was ruled by an evil vampire lord,
But the rest of the residents shouldn’t be ignored.

Eventually, the magical sack was depleted
And with a laugh, it seemed their task was completed
So back to the Castle of the Golden Tooth,
And it was here the Snookums finally saw the truth,
The magic of Midwinter never ends,
And the greatest of gifts are family and friends!

Snookums Santa

Written By