The Tamrinor Chronicles – Introduction

Late last year, Chris and I sat down to redesign the new website. The Panic Moon. We discussed a great many things and one of them was the character in the logo. Our brave little warrior. Chris redrew the character, and then we designed new characters, a party. A staff-wielding Mage and a hammer carrying Cleric joined the sword wielding Fighter that had been in our logo for many years. At Vidfest, we ran a competition to name these characters, something that I had long been planning to do. Tac Taneth, Eric the Cleric and Mhyra the Mage.

There was something about these characters… stories started to form around them. Eric became an annoyed old, intelligent cleric, whose true name was a lot longer, but never used by his companions. Tac had trouble with his own name as well, no one was entirely sure of the correct pronunciation of his surname. Mhrya became the voice of reason for the group.

Geoff, Angel and I then settled down for a night of world generation and came up with a great many things that excited us and will lead to exciting story elements including the Antari, the Wild Ones (animalistic humanoids) and the Order of the Black Talon. Frost Amazons in the north and literally just Dragons in the Eastern Isles. Following this, Geoff settled into the Wordforge and started writing the series of stories set in this world which we are calling The Tamrinor Chronicles, after Tamrinor, the main continent of this world. Later today we shall start the story with the Origins of Mhyra and then we aim to keep these chapters coming out every two weeks.

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