Final Boss Fight Website Change Log – Tamrinor 2019 A

My PostLadies and Gentlemen and Dragons and anyone in between, it is my greatest pride, and with utmost pleasure, I would like to welcome you all to the latest version of the Final Boss Fight website: Version Tamrinor 2019 A

Not our most catchy release nickname, but it will do, and it comes with a lot of great features, allow me to show you what this bad boy can do:

Change Log


  • We now have an event calendar, showing off the Expos that we that members of the FBF Team are expecting to attend
  • As soon as we get the necessary information such as dates and locations, we can start to get details added to this page
  • We will list attendees from Final Boss Fight and our friends on the page
  • Special Events, such as meetups, photoshoots and panels will also be listed on these pages as soon as we have the details for them
  • When the event is over, quickly and easily find the gallery of photos from that event with the Related Gallery functionality (hopefully coming soon… after some of the events have happened)


  • Our photo galleries are now even shinier with a new coat of paint and sliders
  • The sliders make the galleries mobile phone friendly with touch controls and responsive photos!


  • Following on from the work that started with the last release, we have made our staff pages even more accessible to add some that you can see all of your favourite members of the Final Boss Fight community all in one place
  • And that’s not all: posts can now be written by more than one member of the team, meaning that you will be able to see who makes an appearance in any videos, or whose work appears in a written article or gallery.

Loading Bar and Reading Improvements

  • As we started to make a move towards longer form, fictional pieces we made an effort to improve the readability of these posts on any device with some nice new formatting.
  • As you scroll down an article or a piece of fiction, a loading bar will appear on the screen to let you know how far through the article you are, while keeping the title of the piece and the author’s name at the top of the page, in case you get distracted by something in the real world… or a sudden bout of emotions overwhelms you. Rather than needing to scroll back to the top of the page to remind yourself what you are reading… it is right there!

Coming Soon!

  • More detailed staff pages are in the works, with a better Achievement system built-in from the ground up
  • Groups to allow multiple staff members to belong to a single group
  • Ponies (maybe)
  • Easier to change colours for festive purposes!

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