Dungeons and Dragons Character Playlist – Talon Shadowkin

GM Notes: A few weeks ago I thought it would be interesting to see what music people thought fitted their characters in my DND games and so I present to you a hopefully weekly article featuring the playlist of each of the characters, starting with our stealthy rogue, the enigmatic Talon Shadowkin.

tape tape
Now you see me

Talon lives in the shadows. He has made a reputation for himself for being unpredictable, never being where anyone expects, striking with lethal efficiency seemingly out of nowhere and leaving nothing but dust in his wake.

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Can’t go home again

Talon’s life has been one of ups and downs. From his early childhood with the nobility to years spent in the criminal underworld and many more adventures in between, Talon keeps on moving forward, never looking back, knowing he can never return home.

tape tape

Talon keeps his past hidden from everyone around him, and with good reason – he has a truly dark secret, and if his friends were to find out about it he would no longer be their friend, he would be their enemy.

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Assassin’s Creed Revelations

By his very nature, Talon is a lone wolf. He has avoided forming deep emotional attachments as he knows that these will never last. Over the years he has lost many friends and companions, and while he rarely ever dwells on them, the memories hang heavy.

tape tape

Talon is plagued by guilt over his past – the suffering he’s caused and the innocent lives he’s taken. Every day for him is a step along a lonely road looking for forgiveness and redemption. And now he may finally have a chance to earn it.

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Talon thought himself impervious to emotions until he met Briar. The young ranger with her seemingly incurable death curse touched him in a way he never thought possible and he has vowed to do anything he can to find a solution to her plight. Maybe somewhere in his past, there’s someone else he failed to save?

tape tape
Bow to No one

Despite his troubled past, Talon has a noble heart and will always stand fast to defend those who need it most with his companions. Together they will take on evil in whatever form and they will never give up on themselves or each other.

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Talon does not know what challenges and obstacles lie in his future or what companions he will face those challenges with. But what he does know with absolute certainty is how far he is ultimately willing to go to protect those he truly cares for.

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