Dungeons and Dragons Character Playlist – Keros Aasenath

GM Notes: A few weeks ago I thought it would be interesting to see what music people thought fitted their characters in my DND games. In this edition, our researchers hired a wetsuit to track down the newest barbarian to join the Storm King’s Thunder team, Keros Aasenath.

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Son of the Storm

Keros is a warrior through and through.  His strength comes from the power of the sea and from the might of the storm.  When his battle rage reaches boiling point, nothing and no one can stand before his fury.  Every obstacle and challenge will be swept away by the onrushing tide.

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The Sea

Keros is a Triton, and his home will always be the depths of the sea.  Its beauty and magnificence are far more than land-dwelling races can ever imagine, and every day Keros tries to find some way to recapture that sense of awe and wonder.

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Life of a Sailor

As much as Keros is at home under the waves, he is just as capable and powerful above them.  Life as a sailor has taught him much about resilience, determination and how to harness the raw fury to be found within oneself.  He is a veteran of many battles both on a ship and on land and only a fool would dare to underestimate him.

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Work hard, Party harder

Keros enjoys the simple pleasures in life – drinking, getting drunk, and then drinking again.  Wherever there is a tavern he is sure to be right in the centre of attention. If there’s the odd brawl along the way, then so much the better!

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Who am I?

The Triton’s past is a mystery to all, not least himself.  He has no memory of his life prior to waking up on a beach with nothing save a circular stone and the name “Keros”.  He yearns to learn who he really is and what his life was like beforehand. Part of him, however, wonders if it may be best just to let the past rest.

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Mystery Woman

Keros dreams every night of a woman, a female Triton, in the depths of the ocean.  Who she is, what she means to him, he does not know. He does not even know for certain if she is real.  Every morning, Keros swims to try to recapture something of the dream but it always escapes him. Who is she?

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New Companions

A talking frog, a little man, a rainbow dwarf (really a gnome), a green he-devil, a magnificent she-devil, and an old greybeard dwarf.  Keros has had some strange companions in his time but none quite like these. As he takes his place alongside them he looks forward to the many glorious battles they will win together.

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To the Unknown

When the hour is darkest and all hope seems lost, Keros will stand by his beliefs, his companions, and his honour.  Even if the whole world turns against them and the forces of evil and chaos are at their most powerful, Keros will not give up and he knows his friends will not either.  Nothing will prevail against the fury of the sea.

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