Dungeons and Dragons Character Playlist – Azolas Kermwood

GM Notes: A few weeks ago I thought it would be interesting to see what music people thought fitted their characters in my DND games. In this edition, our researchers travelled to an alternative Faerun to ask Azolas what his tastes in music are.

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Old Soldier

Azolas knows war. He met it when he was 19 and fought in it for twenty years. He knows war, what it does to men, to families. But youngsters don’t listen. They only see the glory, the fame and the riches. If only they knew…

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Peaceful Home

After the war, Azolas had to properly discover peace. But he was willing to learn and traded his trident for a pike. He learned about farming, trading, and eventually, family.

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Little Fox

One was closer to the mother, one was closer to the father. One was happy sitting amongst the flowers, one was happy running through them. No matter the time, no matter the day, a smile would visit Azolas upon seeing his Little Fox.

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Flood with Blades

Azolas has many regrets when it comes to his time in the war. But never did he regret being a member of the Salmon Company. Made of the poorest foot soldiers, what they lacked in fancy weapons and luxurious armour, they made up for with their bravery. And the other companies were always filled with hope upon hearing their war cry: Flood with Blades.

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Old Man with Old Memories

Never forgetting about his age, Azolas knows he lived the biggest part of his life. As every day brings him closer to the last one, the memories come back to him, whether sweet or bitter.

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A Promise to Keep

Although Azolas stopped fighting long ago, a recent promise made him take arms once more. And this time, he’ll choose who to point his trident at.

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Dark Clouds in the Distance

A grim feeling habit Azolas since he started shedding blood once more. His old bones warn him: a storm is coming. And not many might see through the end of it.

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Fearless Warrior

They say fear is a man’s biggest enemy in war. But what is there to fear when you have nothing left?

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Echo from Away

In the distance, a hooded figure hums a lullaby…

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