Lord Orion of Selrig


Lord Orion of Selrig


Orion was created and built on the factories of Aton IV, originally as a soldier cyborg but failed to pass the crucial tests and was put to the dumpster. Orion had one original design flaw, he could feel and understand emotions which made him a very unperfect soldier. Orion’s sisters and brothers were all destroyed but Orion himself was saved by scavengers who picked up parts here and there and sold the rest of the cyborg on the Black Market. He was sold to the Malik family, a poor Hilvetian Human family who worked in the mines of Aton IV.

There, he was rebuilt and soon included in the family. He became very close with the younger son of the family, Dorian Malik and soon romantic feelings emerged between the two of them. However, homosexuality and cyborg / organic relationships were not well viewed in the Hilvetian Confederation, therefore their love had to remain a secret.

Basic Information

Race Cyborg
Class Bounty Hunter
Appeared in
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Not being able to bear his life conditions anymore, Dorian Malik left Aton IV when he reached adulthood and went to the Sulirien Empire, leaving Orion behind. Dorian’s father, unable to maintain the cyborg any longer sold him again but this time he was spotted by Cid, the leader of the Temple of the Bounty Hunters on Selrig.

Cid bought him and brought him to the Temple where he introduced him as a new apprentice Bounty Hunter. There he met Brandiven Chancey who was also an apprentice at the time. Together they learnt the craft of the Bounty Hunter trade and quickly became fully trained soldiers. Orion became the personal apprentice of Cid, meeting with the Bounty Hunter Desmond Pyllar. Killing his Elhorn, Orion was granted the full recognition of his capacities, 10 years after his arrival in the Temple. He then began working as a Bounty Hunter. He knew love again with a fellow Bounty Huntress, an Ulrichien called Farlarya Garelnidor. She, however, was killed in mission a few years after their romance began, leaving Orion devastated and alone. He found solace in his former rival, the Chronogian Bounty Huntress, Hellya-Gharlion Barrm, whom he married after a few months of romance.
In 1832 A.S, Orion was sent with Brandiven Chancey by the Temple of the Bounty Hunters to the Meeting of the Elders in 1832 A.S where he joined the crew of the Constellation as pilot. Orion met again with Dorian Malik who helped them in their investigation with the Demons. His feelings for him came rushing back and Orion struggled with understanding them. It is only through his bond with Ryvvierra Ruravrevzi and in witnessing Brandiven Chancey and Mahrden Mahrahzoo’s relationship that he understood the power of his feelings.

During the Battle of the Bull, Orion met with Guan, the mortal enemy of Cid and understood what was at stake with the mission he had been given. Cid was mortally wounded in the battle strengthening the resolve of Orion to kill Guan.

When Brandiven Chancey made his deal with the Gifter, Orion was offered a favour. He chose to protect Dorian Malik with his favour, ensuring that nothing bad would happen to him. He later realized that the Gifter had also stolen life years from Cid for the benefit of Mahrden Mahrahzoo, effectively weakening Cid enough for him to die.

The death of Cid was catastrophic for Orion but strengthened his resolve even more, wanting to prove himself worthy of his master. In the Battle of Marlingorr, Orion was almost killed by the Gifter, thrown from the top of a tower to crash down below. Only through Trephor’s care was he able to be repaired.

Orion became increasingly worried about losing his mind through a memory wipe and had Trephor saving his memory banks into the ship. In the process, Orion rediscovered some pieces of memory that he didn’t know existed, showing him elements of his past when he was built.

Orion divorced Hellya-Gharlion Barrm, choosing his feelings for Dorian Malik over his duty as a husband. He then rose to the rank of council member with Brandiven Chancey, following the footsteps of his mentor, Cid. He then took on the nickname of “The Bear of Maerig”, in a call back to his master’s nickname “The White Lion of Selrig”.