Rvvrevrn has always been fascinated by anatomy and things known as “miracles of medicines”.
Trained as a healer, he was not limited to the limits of his art and began to interest in technological healing forms, especially robotic implants.

His experiences where he attempted, rather clumsily, to mix magic and healing technology got him a reputation of an eccentric and a certain distrust from his own kin.

But he was way too much fascinated by his work to mind.

When he began to experiment on one of his village brothers, he was exiled and considered as an outcast of the Ulrichien System. He found refuge on a planet on the borders of the Sulirien Empire. There, he resumed his experiences, those becoming more and more strange, and, we must say, funny.

Obviously, he soon attracted the attention of the Church of the Faith, and not of the best way. He had to leave once again, travelling to where outcasts were left in peace: The Vega System. There he opened a clinic where he promised cares to all who asked, depending on the money offered, but he could reduce the price if the patient gave his consent to serve of experiences subjects. The diverse results he produced gave him a small reputation on Ruhl

Basic Information

Race Ulrichien
Class Healer
Played by Rvvrevrn Rvvrevrn
Appeared in